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Digital Product Designer & Design system specialist.

I like to create and develop clear interfaces to provide useful and memorable experiences. Portfolio ⟶

Experiencies __________________________________________________________________

Design System

In charge of Design System for all Desjardins employee applications.

> Definition: Develop and maintain the design system by closely collaborating with design teams, developers, and other stakeholders to ensure a consistent and efficient user experience across all products. > Design: Establish the foundations and create individual elements of the design system, such as buttons, forms, grids, and other components. Use prototyping tools to test and refine these elements, ensuring they are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Collaborate with teams to gather feedback and ensure that each component is optimized for seamless integration within the system as a whole. > Documentation: Write and maintain comprehensive documentation for the design system, including clear descriptions of each component, usage examples, integration guidelines, and best practices. The documentation is focused on promoting understanding for the benefit of designers, developers, and other stakeholders, facilitating consistent adoption of the design system. > Collaboration: Work closely with developers to convert designs into reusable, optimized, and accessible components, while ensuring that the design system evolves in harmony with technical requirements. > Training: Organize and facilitate workshop sessions for design and development teams, ensuring a deep understanding and full adoption of the design system within the department.

> Research: Stay up-to-date with design and technology trends, evaluate and incorporate new practices or relevant tools to continuously improve and update the design system.

Skills : UI Design · Design system · Design Tokens · Product design · Figma

Digital Product Designer

In charge of the Complete Design of Applicative and Web Projects for Key Accounts and startups.

> Brand Design: Design and maintain the visual identity of clients, including logos, color palettes, typography, and graphic elements. > Product Design: Design and enhance products, from user research to final interfaces. Collaborate with development teams to create aesthetically pleasing and user-centered products. > Dev Design: Transform mockups into functional code, serving as a bridge between design and development. Ensure that designs are faithfully and efficiently implemented to provide an optimal user experience.

Skills : Brand design · Product design · Developpement

UX/UI Designer Responsible for developing the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) for web and mobile projects for the agency's clients.

> UX Research: Conducts in-depth studies to align design solutions with user needs. > UI Design: Creates user-friendly and visually captivating interfaces, designing responsive wireframes and prototypes. > UX Optimization: Designs seamless user experiences, aiming to maximize engagement and satisfaction. > Collaboration: Works closely with technical and business teams to ensure a seamless integration of the design.

> Usability Testing: Conducts iterative tests to continuously refine the user interface based on user feedback. > Client Presentation: Eloquently presents design concepts to clients, incorporating their feedback into product iterations.

Skills : UX design · UI design

Brand Designer

In charge of 5 people for the creation of the narrative, editorial line and direction of events. Preparation of high- level speakers on their oral, stage performance and visuals.

> Leadership: Lead and motivate a team consisting of volunteers, partners, and vendors. Ensure clear communication, define roles and responsibilities, and ensure that each team member understands the vision and objectives of the event. Provide feedback and recognition to encourage and support the team.

> Artistic Direction: Define the aesthetics and visual theme of the event to provide an immersive and memorable experience for participants. This includes stage design, creation of graphic elements, selection of music or other sound elements, and coordination of all visual aspects to ensure coherence and high quality. These tasks highlight the importance of leadership and artistic vision in ensuring the success and impact of a TEDx event. > Licensing and Compliance: Obtain the necessary TEDx license to organize the event. Ensure compliance with all TEDx brand guidelines, including maximum number of participants, types of speeches, and duration. > Speaker Selection and Preparation: Identify, select, and prepare speakers for their speeches. This involves coaching them on the TED format, organizing rehearsals, and ensuring that their topics are relevant and engaging. > Promotion and Communication: Use various channels (social media, local press, partners, etc.) to promote the event, sell tickets or registrations, and inform the public about event details. > Day-of Management (Sold Out): Ensure smooth coordination on the day of the event, manage unforeseen circumstances, welcome speakers and participants, and ensure that the event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Skills : Brand · Art direction · Presentation design · Leadership · Community

Education __________________________________________________________________

The Wagon

Web development Front-End - Paris • 2015

University of Strasbourg

Bachelor's degree Entrepreneurship (option design) - Strasbourg • 2011 - 2014 3-year university degree.

Certifications __________________________________________________________________

Expert Webflow

Init Program - ONLINE


The secrets of artistic direction to create unique web experiences - ONLINE


User experience, best practices - ONLINE


Design evolutionary and dynamic brand identities - ONLINE

C&G&H Agency

Logo design, concept to the presentation Design - ONLINE

Skills __________________________________________________________________


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Design
  • Product Design
  • Design system


  • Physical
  • Web 2
  • Web 3
  • Artificial Intelligence

Tools __________________________________________________________________


  • Figma
  • Framer
  • Adobe Creative


  • Webflow
  • Git-hub
  • Supernova


  • Notion
  • Maker
  • Design Tokens

Sides __________________________________________________________________

Crypto & Tech Investor

Finance Economy

Contemporary Artist



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